LSC 3Phase Distro (12 x 16A Outlets)

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A show can’t function without power and power distribution has grown to be a major part of any event. LSC has introduced a number of sophisticated products recently to cater for the more demanding situations, however there are plenty of occasions when all that is needed is simple and reliable power distribution. The new LSC PowerPoint distro unit is exactly that – a simple to use 3-phase to single phase power distribution unit.

Designed for applications wherever fixed or mobile power distribution is required, the PowerPoint distribution rack offers the user a 4-pole mains input isolator switch with Neutral Disconnect as standard and individual RCBO (RCD MCB) per output channel. There are also 3 neon phase indicators to show power input to the rack

Output circuit rating can be specified as either 10A, 13A, 16A or 20 Amps and back panel options include either Australian GPO, Socapex, Powercon or Terminal Outputs.

Everything you need for reliable, affordable power distribution for your show!

The PowerPoint Feature list includes:

  • Twelve 16A output circuits;
  • Individual RCD (30mA) protection for each output circuit – protection for users.
  • Individual Circuit Breaker for each output circuit;
  • Master Isolator switch that disconnects Neutral from output circuits as well;
  • Three neon indicators show state of phase power.
  • Three phase operation;
  • Single phase operation possible;