Ehrgeiz LED Fusion Bar


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The Ehrgeiz LED Fusion Bar FS-60 RGB/1 is a professional light-bar with high light output and brilliant color illumination – for those who ask for real performance. The Fusion is modular to meet a variety of installation-requests from Designers – in many applications.

The Fusion was made in corporation with customers and meet highest technical requirements. The Fusion is pulse-wide modulated up to 1500Hz and equipped with 20 x 3W 3in1 High Power LEDs – so the use in front of high speed cameras is not an issue for the Fusion. It is convection cooled – so “no fans” inside allow a 100% silent use in TV and Theatres.

The colour mixing is achieved before it reaches each lens – so no color shades will appear from the Fusion that has a wide color spectrum including nice pastel colors as well as rich colors. Each LED can be controlled via 3 channels on its own or combined in groups.